Our Core Values

We seek to provide safe, high quality preschool and school-age education
which includes opportunities for all our students to grow and mature as
Jesus did - physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Our mission is to
teach kids to love God with their minds, bodies, and spirits based on
Matthew 22:37. We see the school ministry as a way in which we can
influence lives - both the lives of our students and their families - by
introducing them to the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

As a ministry to the community, we seek to:


- Establish within the child a good self-image;

- Recognize that each child is an individual;

- Respect each child’s personal privacy;

- Respect each child’s cultural, ethnic, and family background; as well as the child’s primary language or dialect;

- Provide learning situations in which each child can grow emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually;

- Help the child to establish mature adult relationships so that they will develop a feeling of respect for and participation in the family, community, and society;

- Encourage parents through quality education and open communication;

- Provide children with opportunities for self direction and a feeling of accomplishment;

- Create an atmosphere of fair play and love.