Our Mission: Teaching kids to love God with their minds, bodies, and spirits.

At Friendly, we focus on three areas while helping little people grow: Mind, Body, and Spirit. We follow a curriculum-based program that includes both structured and free play activities.

With our minds, we are learning throughout our entire day. From using FUNdations and learning our alphabet to flexing our STEM muscles, our minds are engaged within times of Discovery, Explore, and Play.

With our bodies, we are moving. Recreation times are a vital part of our daily schedule – either outdoors on the playground or indoors with games and organized play. Stretch N’ Grow and Tuesday Movement also help us engage our bodies.

With our spirits, we are learning to love Jesus and follow Him. Every morning we start our day with Bible songs, a lesson, an activity, and, of course, prayer.

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The Bible is God's message to us.  We believe all we need to know is in His Word and aspire to create a love for Jesus in each of our children's hearts.

As part of our curriculum we:

- Memorize Bible verses monthly

- Discuss which choices make God happy and how He gives us multiple chances

- Teach Bible songs and stories

- Pray many times throughout the day



Our Reading resource program is a one on one session for Pre-kinder students who need extra help learning letter sounds, letter recognition and letter formation skills.  This is a collaborative program between parents, teachers and the administration. If extra assistance for kindergarten preparedness is needed, we jointly set individual goals. Our kiddos love resource.

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Playing freely in an outdoor play space allows your child to discover and explore his or her interests naturally. Outdoor play spaces are designed to encourage children to use their imaginations while they have fun and investigate the world.



This multi-sensory program:

- Helps hide God’s words in their hearts
- Teaches rhyming, rhythm, discipline, life skills
directions and manners

- Prepares students for bi-annual programs


Story Time

Story Time helps your child with sounds, words, language, and develop early literacy skills.

Children learn to value books and stories. Our weekly story time:

- Develops critical thinking skills and communication skills

- Stimulates curiosity

- Sparks imagination



Stretch-n-Grow specializes in high quality, fun exercise experiences that gets kids moving.  Weekly the fitness instructor provides fun and engaging enrichment programs.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math


- Exposes students to creative processes

- Increases critical thinking skills

- Provides new ways to problem solve

- Gives all students hands-on learning experiences

- Shows the value of the arts


Sign Language

Exposing children to several languages helps stimulate:

- Development of gross and fine motor skills

- Early language development

- Helps focused learning

- Strengthens recall of words and memory



Weekly our teachers, also known as coaches, lead "Movement time". Children work to develop:

- Sportmanship & team encouragement

- How to stretch and prepare for exercise

- Gross motor skills